Direct Choice Online Reservation System (DCORES): 25% Lift

Direct Choice Online Reservation System (DCORES): 25% Lift

In the Medicare health plan world, there are many players competing for market share. Direct Choice has an exciting new product that gives insurers a solid advantage during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Launched in partnership with one our Blue Cross and Blue Shield clients, DCORES enables enhanced results from Medicare plan seminars—long an important but untracked response channel in the education and persuasion of Medicare-eligible targeted prospects. DCORES is an innovative online scheduling and communication system that drives and manages leads efficiently to local Medicare plan seminars. Deployed along with a strong multi-channel direct response campaign, DCORES delivers breakthrough response and conversion metrics—as much as 81% in the pilot. DCORES objectives:
  • Increase market share
  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Simplify enrollment
  • Drive consumers to educational seminars
DCORES eliminates the flaws inherent in the typical Medicare plan seminar system:
  • Lack of sophisticated tracking
  • Under/overbooked attendance
  • Agents too busy to manage attendance numbers
  • No follow-up
The user has their choice of convenient nearby seminars. One-click reservation makes it simple and trackable. The user can also choose to see all seminars in their county. Name and contact information completes the process. A handy map shows the location. DCORES also includes email confirmation. Measured along with DCORES integrated direct marketing materials (direct mail, print and inbound call center scripting), the results were clearly breakthrough:
  • 25% increase in gross response
  • 7% increase in conversion
  • 20% reduction in cost per lead
  • Plus, 31% reduction in call center volume
Additional key advantages of DCORES:
  • Scalable, and can be used for both Medicare and Under 65 health insurance initiatives
  • Easily customized outside the health insurance vertical—schools, community events, et al
To learn more about DCORES, contact Nick Lanzi directly at 610.995.8201. 
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