Psychological marketing: customer emotions important

Psychological marketing: customer emotions important

It’s no news to good writers: customer emotions are a key point to consider when crafting winning messages. Researchers know that the emotional component is responsible for customer behaviors veering way off from predicted outcomes. People change their minds, often because their emotions and other psychological factors kick in. More and more, marketers are tapping in to that vein of non-logic as they attempt to gain deeper understandings of customer behavior—especially in the social media sphere. “Often, customer behavior turns out to be very different from what marketing research predicts,” reads a new piece in the Harvard Business Review. The article emphasizes  that marketers should take into consideration the “social identity”—a self-image concept based on the groups consumers affiliate with (and those they avoid), as well as their idea of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. Marketers typically score customer conversations on social media based on comments—good, bad, meh. Newer insights dictate that we should look deeper into the customer psyche, going beyond sentiment analysis and looking closely at a variety of deeper emotions, including desire, fear, embarrassment, aspirations, et al. Many of these are far more sophisticated indicators of customer behavior. Each prospect or customer is potentially unique, unleashing the marketer’s conundrum: how to deftly intervene or message at critical decision making junctures with the right emotional/psychological message. Understanding that this is needed is an important start. It’s then up to marketers to chart these murky waters and determine how emotions will correlate to customer buying behavior. 
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