SXSW powering down—plus free music tracks

SXSW powering down—plus free music tracks

SXSW—South by Southwest, for the uninitiated—adjourned last night, and the booming Austin, TX-based interactive, music and film festival has already produced a few key takeaways. The most obvious is that SXSW counts. Marketers and brands who are not paying attention to what happens here don’t see the future, or the present, for that matter. This technology driven event disguised as a music festival is full of clues as to the direction marketing is taking already. Some other conclusions…
  • Nine days of tech, music and film is just not enough.
  • Digital is dominant—whether it’s manic phone charging or cool tech displays…digital/interactive is a lifestyle.
  • Big corporations and sponsors deliver the Big Kahuna factor, with mega “user experiences” and flashy effects.
  • Music, film, technology—it’s all one big mosh pit.
  • Digital is changing film and communications—when you can make a commercial or even a movie using your smartphone, it’s a whole new world.
  • The direct marketing funnel is narrowing down to the point of about 6 inches (the size of an iphone).
  • Free music downloads in the age of Spotify still have that certain je ne sais quoi.
 Didn’t get to SXSW? Download the free tracks here:,ference/tracks 
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