This dress makes you lose 30 pounds!

This dress makes you lose 30 pounds!

April Fool’s.

Just a few days ago, brands went bonkers for pranks, goof products and fake news in honor of the April 1st “gotcha” tradition. What used to be an “LOL” moment on social media has become a full-on opportunity for tech giants, food companies, beverage behemoths, marketers, advertisers and others to demo their creativity. What’s funny is that some of these faux products don’t seem that nutty.

A roundup of some of our faves:

Coca-Cola Helium

The fizzy drink maker introduced a Coke version that keeps you talking with a high-pitched and squeaky sound effect. 



Hu: TV Abbreviated

For the ADHD or severely time-crunched among us, now you can enjoy a service that streams only eight-second versions of TV shows. If only.

Whopper Toothpaste

Having it your way now includes the burger on a brush, thanks to Burger King. Flame broiled beef-infused toothpaste—hold the pickles, please.

Turkey Hill

Tinder for the bovine set, from the convenience store/dairy folks.  They went all-out, with a full-blown web interface featuring cute cows.

Bush’s Best Jelly Beans

With Easter in mind, the baked beans people have given us the next logical holiday twist. Does it come in BBQ flavor?

Amazon Petlexa

Anticipating our next technology need—and tying in the national craze for our fur children—Amazon delivers a way for pets to order stuff, activate smart toys, communicate, et al.

Google Gnome

The next gen of their smart home device, this little garden dude is a personal assistant who mows the lawn, plays fetch and even Marco Polo in your pool.

Nano Drop Water

From heiress and entrepreneur Paris Hilton and Soda Stream, we meet the world’s most hydrating water—5,000 times more than regular water. 

Wayfair’s Sofia

The home furnishings cataloguer brings us the world’s first smart sofa, ideal for couch potatoes everywhere.  Sofia anticipates your needs, from changing the channel, checking emails, self-cleaning and even rolling those pesky coins that somehow find their way under the cushions.

Here’s to all us fools…until next year.  (Seriously, shouldn’t some of these be on Shark Tank?)

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