Apple Watch countdown: CGEOTS guided tour videos

Apple Watch countdown: CGEOTS guided tour videos

April 24th –the date the Apple Watch goes on sale—can’t be here soon enough for many.  In the meantime, Apple posted a series of how-to videos on Friday as their marketing and advertising campaigns hit fever pitch, just in time for some Easter/Passover celebration downtime viewing. The biggest enthusiasts at the agency are the data and technology folks and Apple passionistas who CGEOTS (can’t get enough of this stuff). We’re all thinking Jetsons here, with a hefty dose of Captain Kirk thrown in. “Our most personal device yet…because it’s the first one you actually wear,” says the VO. The videos are—not surprisingly—clean, branded and engaging. Particular attention is paid to the customization features, as well as the similarities and differences to other Apple products. Some interesting things to note:
  • The Watch is Apple's first all-new product since the iPad, which first hit almost exactly 5 years ago. Will the Watch have the same impact? It's a far bolder concept than the iPad, but also one that far fewer people might find themselves actually needing.
  • It looks very tech. It’s not a fashion watch look at all.
  • Apple is betting on developers to make the Apple Watch great, with the promise of "thousands" of apps by the Watch's launch date.
  • It starts at $349 but climbs all the way up to $17,000. It depends on the band, or if you’re into the 18-karat gold model.
  • It’s a new product category for Apple, with a completely new software platform: it's made to run its own apps, connect with iPhones, and be its own fashion product.
  • It stays connected with your iPhone for most tasks.
  • So yeah, this is an iPhone owner’s product. Brilliant, right?
  • Specifically, you have to have the iPhone 5 or up.
The consensus here is varied: the style-focused designer wear types here indicate they will stick to their regular watches. Those who are iPhone users register some curiosity and say they would give it a wear. Available for pre-order this Friday. Will you be one of the first? Watch (ha ha) the videos here: iwatch 
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