The Open Enrollment Period for under age 65 health care plans (OEP) is like all-out war, with tough opponents reaching out to the same lists of prospects—all each others’ customers. Insurers in North Carolina have been hard hit by the Affordable Care Act, with a high percentage of the population qualifying for subsidies. It’s essential that a home state choice such as our client Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) gets its diverse share of the marketplace.  That means continually maximizing effectiveness of all marketing channels, with high-performing direct mail as a critical component. Beating the control while maintaining an acceptable cost per lead is key. In a recent campaign, we utilized all proven creative weapons in our arsenal to ensure a new share-getter. The result is a powerful example of how a collection of small, strategic enhancements delivers breakthrough response.


  • Super official: breakthrough outside envelope with affixed label reflecting urgency
  • Friendly, educational form/letter
  • Strong messaging to drive as many leads as possible