We’ve been trying to tear Beth away from her clients for a short interview all summer long. Eventually, we stole her phone and locked her out of her computer, so she had no choice but to answer our silly questions.

One morning when the coffee maker was on the fritz, everyone was calling to order coffee for meetings. You chose to go to work on the coffee maker and had it fixed in no time. What do you think that says about you? 

BH: I am always up for a challenge! From coffee makers to finding the right approach to marketing popsicles to Eskimos – I believe we can solve anything we put our minds to. Besides, fixing the machine was much faster than leaving to pick up coffee. 

What’s the most common problem you have to solve for clients? 

BH: Making sure that we align our overall solutions or campaigns with a measurable goal. And of course, that consistently keeps you thinking of how to “one-up” your last campaign. If your data isn’t telling you what’s working and what’s not, you have to use your accumulated wisdom to decide what’s going to move the needle. It could be a new strategy, creative, media plan or a multitude of changes. 

Where would someone be most likely to find you when you not at home or in the office? 

BH: At my daughter’s cheer gym. Seriously, I feel like it’s my second home! 

Although you seem to be connected to the office 24/7, you have a lot going on with your family too. What advice would you give people about managing work/life balance? 

BH: It is not always easy, but I think I have learned to live in the moment. Faith and family are my everything, but work brings a certain purpose and satisfaction so for me, I chose to be a working mom. I care about my client’s goals and always give my best to meet their expectations. Managing the everyday can be challenging but I have a great support network both at work and at home. I want to look back on everything I do and feel I gave it my all. 

Concert, sporting event or theater…where would you go first and why? 

BH: Today it would be a sporting event. Most likely an All-Star Cheer competition. Since my daughter started All-Star cheer three years ago, this full-year program has dominated our recreational time. This insane sport is better than football!  

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