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20 years ago Nick Lanzi led a talented team out of Euro, with the idea that direct marketing and advertising didn’t have to be “industrial.” That it could live and breathe. At Direct Choice today, it's about a unique coming together of brand, direct, digital and dramatically intelligent data management and analytics in real time. Along with proprietary solutions, content and much more. You’re invited to learn more about our strong competencies and expertise in a wide range of marketplaces, including highly regulated industries.


Featured work

Together with our client partners, we have the privilege of creating extraordinary things.  Specialties include luxury retail, under-65 and Medicare healthcare insurance, broker programs, HIPAA pharmaceutical and medical device, financial, and much more.

Clients speak

“They passionately approach our
business as if it were their own…"

“No one understands this B2B

  marketplace like Direct Choice…

  these folks really stand apart.”

“A powerhouse direct marketing

 and advertising resource."

“The epitome of what a direct-to-consumer
CRM agency should be.  Brilliant, creative,
nimble, flexible and accommodating…"

  • Strategy

    How you get from here to there.


    A nimble and brilliant direct marketing campaign begins with a road map. Whether it’s a long term business plan…a quarterly marketing spend analysis…or short term campaign planning…Direct Choice strategy aligns with your organization's business goals to deliver unbeatable ROI.


    Financial and budgetary analysis

    Strategic planning

    Prospect Relationship Management (PRM)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


    Media mix optimization

    List and data strategy


    Creative strategy

    Integrated multi-channel campaigns

    Response capture optimization

    Test and rollout

    Lead management

  • Integration

    The intersection of everything that matters.


    Everybody talks about integration in direct marketing and advertising. We actually do it, with a twist: integrated channels in multiple dimensions, with results in real time. The same unified brand message in direct, digital and print media, but readable and measurable immediately, enabling live tweaks. For our clients, this is huge. Saves time and money.


    Digital and moving image

    Direct mail




    Modifications and adjustments

  • Creative

    Pretty is as pretty does.


    Since our start, we’ve been known for direct marketing creative that works: not only a great personification of your brand, but powerful in delivering revenue for your product or service. We get under the skin. We get into hearts and minds. We create desire and action. We break rules, we make rules, we break them again. Regardless of the medium, the impact is guaranteed.


    Creative strategy

    Branded actionable messaging


    Graphic design

    Imagery and brand design



  • Digital Technology and Intelligence

    Conversation, collaboration, culture
    and compensation.


    This is where we meet our customers today, in this instant, in the next minute, the next hour. We bring leading edge digital tactics and strategy to engage, enlist and encourage dialogues and commerce in lightening-fast response times unheard of in any other channel. Enhanced with high-impact direct marketing channels, we turn digital touch points into dependable revenue.






    Mobile text/SMS

    Link building

    Email marketing

    Digital advertising

    Search/local search

    Hyper-targeted search

    Display and geotargeted remarketing

    Marketing automation/lead nurturing


    Proprietary solutions

    Digital analytics and research

  • Real-time Analytics

    Where knowing and the numbers
    come together.


    The cerebral cortex of our direct marketing capabilities. Bringing data together from as many sources as we can—from legacy databases and operational feeds to Web and mobile data—we build an information asset that drives analytics and marketing strategy. And our proprietary solutions allow us to measure and manage on-the-fly campaign adjustments to ensure success.


    Database building and management

    Acquisition, growth and retention

    Advanced behavioral modeling

    Customer segmentation

    Market research

    Market level dynamics

    Campaign metrics and measurement

  • Production

    We make.


    Whether it’s a mobile text, a direct mail piece in a box, or a viral video, it’s just an idea in one dimension until it’s produced. Our team of talented, inventive producers bring a sharp pencil and their creative know-how to a full range of leading edge direct marketing and advertising production services.


    Print production

    Digital production

    Print and digital media placement

    Moving image production

    Mobile/text activation

    Direct mail production


    Voice calls/IVR/ASR/Robo calling


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