Spotlight on Patricia Uhrich, Marketing Manager

How long have you been with DCI?

Patti: I’ve been with DCI for almost 2 years. Prior to this, all of my experience has been on the client side.

It seems most people tend to move in the other direction (agency to client side). What attracted you to the agency life?

Patti: I like the fact that I have opportunities to work with clients from a cross-section of industries with a variety of goals and campaigns. I also enjoy DCI because I’m able to work with a more tight-knit group in a less corporate environment. It’s challenging yet more enjoyable and relaxed at the same time.

As trendy and current as you have to be in the marketing world, I hear that you enjoy kicking back with a classic movie when you’re at home, right?

Patti: Within the past few years, I’ve become a Turner Classic Movies nerd. I probably watch at least 2 old movies per weekend – maybe more if the weather is as awful as it was this past winter.  I particularly enjoy melodramas starring women – Mildred PierceImitation of LifeAll About Eve.

Concert, sporting event or theater…where would you go first and who would you be watching?

Patti: Concert – especially if it’s an alternative band from the 80s. Although, you’d be way more likely to find me spending my free time with my family “down the shore”.

Since you’ve worked on both the client and the agency side, what advice would you give to someone considering a career in marketing/client services?

Patti: The Direct Marketing world feels more like a small community — everyone knows someone who knows someone who has worked with you.  It’s important to establish solid relationships with everyone you come across in your career, regardless of their job function or level.  And, although this may seem like a “no-brainer” I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being a great communicator. Clients will always remember how responsive and proactive you were (or weren’t)!

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