Spotlight on Scott Morrison President, CX

Your marketing experience prior to joining DCI runs deep. Could you touch on some of the highlights?   I was lucky enough to get my start in the financial industry just as credit card marketing was catching fire in Delaware. It was there where I discovered that the marketing department was the place for me – energetic, fun and driving revenue (measurable). My next move was to the agency side where I led new business and strategy for Devon Direct and later The Martin Agency. Eventually, I co-founded Fulcrum Analytics to focus on CRM and predictive model-driven marketing.   What was your biggest takeaway from all of that experience?   I learned early that great relationships are what create great agencies. In the world of new business development, executive relationships are everything. The same can be said for a client’s marketing strategy. If you want to build sales overnight and your brand over-time, you must first...

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A funny thing happened on the way to present CX Research findings!

During the 1st quarter of 2018, Phoenix Marketing International and Direct Choice collaborated to conduct a consumer research study to better understand which major US brands were delivering the best and the worst Customer Experiences (CX) and the leading reasons for consumer sentiment behind each brand’s experience delivery. Numerous compelling facts came out of our CX research including how the leading competitors in each of 32industries stacked up against each other in the delivery of CX. Upon meeting with executives and senior managers of some of the top 300 U.S. Brands to discuss the CX research findings, one of our hypotheses was proven to be significantly flawed...

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What Brand delivers the best Customer Experience?

THE ONE BRAND CONSUMERS RECALL FOR HAVING PROVIDED A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? Companies that offer a great customer experience (CX) are remembered for many years and rewarded with repeat business. Brands that fail to deliver great experiences are also remembered for years, but they are walking away from repeat sales. Why does this matter and why should brands care? Phoenix MI and its strategic marketing communications partner Direct Choice, Inc. recently uncovered powerful evidence that consumer memory of highly positive (and negative) brand interactions does not fade over time. Consumers looking to repeat a purchase will quickly recall positive experiences creating a short-list of where to go. For brands lucky enough to be on that list, they will be paid back again and again for their customer experience optimization. WHICH BRAND HAS CREATED THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? According to our co-sponsored survey, all four generational segments mentioned Amazon most often as their go-to brand for a great overall purchase...

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Optimizing your Customer Experience to lay the groundwork for premium pricing and higher margins

Have you noticed how brands are obsessed with asking us about us, “How did we do?” Despite this apparent interest in Customer Experience (CX), most brands fail to capitalize on our responses with anything more than a paltry thank-you at the end of the survey. Case in point: I recently received six text messages requesting my feedback on how a DIRECTV (AT&T) Service Technician did in his effort to get my many TVs working correctly again.  But after responding to a couple of the texts I hear crickets…nothing. Between the excessive messaging and the lack of follow up, DIRECTV has sent this Customer Experience backward. Our latest research reveals the value of guaranteeing a good Customer Experience. Direct Choice, Inc. and our partner, Phoenix Marketing International, recently completed the 2018 Customer Experience Research Study.  Coming out of that study, Lane Mann of Phoenix has published some actionable insights. In his last blog post, “How...

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Direct Choice Announces Partnership with Phoenix Marketing International to Offer Holistic CX Improvement Services

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. and BOSTON, Mass. – October 2, 2017 –Direct Choice Inc., a full-service marketing, and advertising agency, today announced it has formed a partnership with Phoenix Marketing International, a global research firm, to offer end-to-end customer experience (CX) services.  The partnership will help companies expand and improve the actionability of their CX data assets to drive highly personalized multi-channel communications. Unlike many software-based CX solutions currently available, Direct Choice and Phoenix Marketing consult with businesses to better understand the goals, objectives, and challenges of their CX efforts, then assess and improve the quality of existing CX operations and data. From that strengthened CX data, highly personalized communications are delivered, tested and optimized to enhance customer experiences across all touchpoints. “There’s a prevailing misconception in the CX world that more data is the answer; however, too few companies are fully leveraging the CX data they already have, not to mention transforming this...

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